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5 Things to look forward to in 2nd Semester

1. Girls Basketball Tournament Shabbaton and Boys Basketball District Tournament

After a year off due to Covid, the Girls Basketball Tournament hosted by Hebrew Academy returns this February. With Jewish schools coming in from all over the country to compete on our campus, the tournament should be fun to watch. Also taking place in February, the Boys Basketball Team will begin their quest for a championship in the district tournament. These upcoming months will definitely feature some great school sports.

2. Color War

Following a semester without it, Color War will certainly begin this semester. A shocking breakout, two days off of school, and time to compete and play sports all make Color War an amazing time. While the date is obviously unknown, Color War will be one of the highlights of the new semester.

3. Purim Festivities

Purim is always one of the best holidays, as it features delicious food, costumes, a day off, and, of course, the school carnival. Falling out on March 17th this year, Purim is definitely a date to have circled on your schedule for it is a refreshing and joyful day of school.

4. Pesach Break

As the second holiday mentioned, Pesach is an amazing opportunity to recharge and spend time with family over its long break. Get ready to search for the Afikomen on April 14th and then enjoy the vacation.

5. 12th Grade Graduation and Trip

For the first time since 2019, graduation will (hopefully) be back to normal. It will be a very exciting time for seniors who will finish their school careers and then take off for their 12th grade trip.

By: Owen Ebner (11th)

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