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An Honorary Tisch

Last Friday, on November 17th, Morah Twito organized a deeply meaningful Tisch which mainly focused on praying for the hostages currently held in Gaza. The room was decorated with a picture of each hostage placed on their own chair in solidarity.

Students felt inspired and touched by the meaningful Tisch.

“The Tisch was so inspiring and seeing the hostage posters made me very emotional”, said Jacob Assaraf (12th).

The room was illuminated with candles throughout, and Israeli flags were displayed in honor and memory of our soldiers and civilians. During the Tisch students sang songs in unison, ate delicious cholent, and listened as Mrs. Kanner shared an inspiring story of a fortunate family who was spared from becoming victims of Hamas's attack due to their observance of Shabbat.

The entire experience touched everybody’s hearts and impacted all of the students and teachers with a strong feeling.

“The Tisch was very impactful and made me feel so much emotion for my people and the hostages”, said Adina Bachar (9th).

At the end of the Tisch, every poster was distributed for students to take home to their families and homes. The intention was for these posters to be displayed, serving as a reminder to offer prayers and perform acts of kindness with the hostages in mind.

This collective effort, through Tefillot and Mitzvot, aims to contribute to the process of bringing the hostages home.

The Friday Tisch had an immense impact on everyone who attended, instilling a sense of responsibility in each student regarding their individual contributions to Israel.

By: Emilie Bensoussan (9th)

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