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Bermans Save the Play


Last weekend the Hebrew Academy tag team of play director Mrs. Sarah Berman and basketball coach turned actor, Mr. Scott Berman exemplified the phrase “the show must go on” by saving the production of Charlotte’s Web from the brink of disaster.

One of the biggest roles, that of Templeton the Rat, had to be filled at the last minute by Mr. Berman due to a sick actor. Mr. Berman memorized more than 50 lines in just 24 hours.

“It was hard to memorize all those lines,” said Mr. Berman. “But I’m very happy I did it, and I really enjoyed it.”

The play was an adaptation of the classic novel by E.B. White. In Charlotte’s Web, we meet a newborn pig named Wilbur. She is thrown into the world of friendly farm animals, where she learns the importance of courage, friendship, and love.

“I really liked the play,” said Hadassah Bixon (10th). “It seemed like all the hard work they put in for months really paid off.”

Leads Eden Grosz (Wilbur), Sara Fuchs (Charlotte), and Aliza Posner (Fern) wowed the crowd along with supporting actors, but it was Mr. Berman (Tempelton) who stole the show.

The auditorium was packed with students of all ages, faculty, and parents.

Many students say it was one of the best plays this school has ever performed.

“I think it was a very cute play,” said second chorus member Tehila Moore (11th). ” It was good for all ages, and I’m really happy I was able to be a part of it.”

Director and producer Mrs. Berman was thrilled with the final presentation of the play.

Charlotte’s Web was intended to include the entire school, to produce something everyone from early childhood to high school to enjoy. I think we blended the two worlds nicely, and the end result was a fantastic production,” said Mrs. Berman. “There are always challenges producing a show, but the students really pulled through and dedicated themselves to the show. I’m excited to see what next semester has in store.”

By: Shmuel Kahn (12th Grade)

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