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Boca Ishay Ribo Concert

The Hebrew Academy was privileged to attend the Ishay Ribo concert on Sunday, April 7th. Thanks to Rabbi Manne and Morah Twito, Hebrew Academy was provided with great seating. The money from the concert went to the state of Israel. It was a great opportunity for the students of Hebrew Academy to experience an uplifting concert as music filled the air.

Jews from other schools and families came together and it was a powerful reminder of the unifying and loving force that is within us Jews. It was a great bonding experience for the whole Hebrew Academy. In between songs, Ishay gave blessings and speeches in support of Israel and its nation. He sang a variety of songs, both sad and upbeat, and when his cheerful music came on the crowd collectively stood up and began dancing, bringing a sense of light and joy to the concert.

Students who attended really enjoyed the spirited concert.

“I danced with my friends and new friends I made and it was really comforting to be around Jews and not being judged for wearing a kippah and Tzitzit,” shared Noah Benssousan (12th).

Ishay Ribo ended his concert by singing Hatikvah for both the people of Israel and the state itself. It was a very heartwarming and emotional moment as everyone came together to sing. 

By: Lian Swissa (10th) & Abigail Eliyav (10th)

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