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Club Rush

On Friday, October 23, 2015, the first-ever Club Rush took place at the Hebrew Academy high school. Stationed at booths, club presidents talked with students, promoted their clubs, and encouraged prospective members to join! In case you missed it, here is a brief overview of all the clubs:

Ecology Club–It’s time to clean up your act! The Ecology Club, run by Julia Ohana, is devoted to making the school more environmentally friendly by teaching students the importance of keeping the environment clean.

Business Club–Let’s get down to business. If you’re interested in a business career, this is the club for you. Presidents Ilan Aronovski and Abraham Hilu teach students insights into the world of networking and management. Pre-Med Club–An apple a day won’t keep this club away! Presidents Malka Suster and Gittee Benhamou aspire to inform students about careers in medicine and show them what the field has to offer. Club members discuss current medical issues, listen to guest speakers, and teach students about the importance of being healthy.

Engineering Club— We don’t even need Bob the Builder to do this! The Engineering Club, led by Gaby Apoj and Serina Motola, aims to get students ready for a career in engineering by building models and constructing projects.

Debate Team–No need to argue about this club. Presidents Jordan Cohen and Jacob Mitrani help students learn public speaking and argumentative strategies with class debates on current events and politics.

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)–RASG loves Israel, and so does this group! AIPAC teaches students how to advocate for Israel through informative meetings in which presidents Danny Bister, Jordan Cohen, Hailey Dobin, and Jacob Mitrani discuss current events associated with Israel.

Drama Club–So this is what the drama’s all about! Embrace your inner actor by exploring the world of drama through acting exercises and competitions spearheaded by president Sara Fuchs! This exciting club will bring in professionals to speak to club members, promote the school’s theater program, and have fun!

Chess Club–Make your move! Presidents Sara Fuchs, Sophie Gordon, Gabriel Apoj, and Danny Yerushalmi want to improve the chess tactics and strategies of all students who are interested in playing. All levels are welcome; even if a student does not know how to play, teacher advisor Mrs. Zack will provide instruction.

Women Inspiring and Supporting Each other (WISE)–Consider yourself WISE? Join the club! Presidents Sara Fuchs and Aliza Posner focus on social, political, and economic issues facing today’s women. While inspiring, WISE also aspires to empower women and make positive changes in their lives, foster leadership in each of them, and make a difference in this changing world.

Film Club-Have a “reel” good time! Watch and discuss movies at the Film Club. President Noam Beaudoin de Roca and VP Melanie Arougueti teach students how to analyze films during weekly screenings.

Gaming Club–This is school … enough with the games! Unless you’re a member of this club, that is. Get your game on by playing and comparing games at the Gaming Club with Presidents Jacob Lurie and Sebastian Mohadeb.

Music Club–Tune in to Music Club! Learn and practice how to play songs at the Music Club, founded by President Jacob Rosmarin.

Written by: Noah Dobin and Sara Fuchs

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