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Color War 2018 Breaks Out


Just one week after winter vacation, Hebrew Academy broke out its annual Color War, with each grade ready to fight for the title of Color War 2018 Champions.

Based on the bestselling book series, Divergent by Veronica Roth, each grade represents a different faction. Abnegation (selflessness) is represented by the Freshmen, Amity (peace) by the Sophomores, Candor (honesty) by the Juniors, Dauntless (bravery) by the Seniors, and for the first time, the staff are being represented by Erudite (knowledge).

Team captains include Alina Sterenfeld and Daniel Ohana for Abnegation, Batya Fruhman and Leandro Otsman (Amity), Shani McCarley and Ezzy Duchman (Candor), Ariella Wolfson and Ron Ben Hayoun (Dauntless), and Rebbetzin Schapiro and Mr. Innes (Erudite).

After a brief assembly in the morning, the high school students gathered in the cafeteria for a Debate Midrash. When the lights suddenly went out and “Ready for it” by Taylor Swift came onto the speakers, Color War breakout began.

“The breakout was extremely successful, and we were all nervous about it,” said Student Council President Tehila Moore (12th). “We had to switch it last second, but it went better than we could have imagined because we had the element of surprise.”

For the first time, Color War was announced on a Friday because student council wanted the teams to have the weekend to prepare.

“I honestly thought that we were having a blackout and we would get to go home, but I was actually really happy because I love color war,” said Natalie Alishayev (10th).

The first event took place Friday afternoon in the gym with Monster Ball. Factions were set up against each other and had to pass a 3ft in diameter ball over the volleyball net separating them. The senior class was victorious in this challenge and is now in the lead.

Color War is taking place this Friday, February 2 and will continue Monday and Tuesday February 5 and 6.

By: Rina Reich (12th Grade)

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