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Fall Sports Seasons Put on Pause

By: Brielle Katz (11th Grade)

For many student athletes like Shoshy Stein, the cancelation of sports teams until further notice was a disappointment to say the least. Many like Stein have been a part of the athletic program for years and miss the unity and school spirit it brings.

 “I felt really sad missing out on a fun season and being with my teammates. But I hope we are still able to play other sports towards the end of the year such as basketball, football, and tennis,” said Stein (10th Grade).

As of right now, no practices have been authorized for any teams. Students and staff are optimistic that they will accompany the reopening of the high school on October 19th.  Winter sports, such as basketball and soccer, are scheduled to restart once we return to school. If all goes well, the spring season sports will also take place.

We preparing for and planning on, pending safety procedure plans and safety approval, starting practices the week of October 19th and games beginning early November,” said Athletic Director Coach Chad Bishop. “I am getting a lot of input from other schools and will let everyone know if anything changes.” 

Despite the lack of frequent practices, many athletes are optimistic that the teams will be able to pull-through at game time. 

“I think everyone is going to be put to the test to work together before our games start, but I know we are up for the job,” said Yakira Wolfson (11th). 

Specifically the senior athletes are upset with the possibility of missing out on their final season of fall sports and hope to finish their high school athletic careers on a more positive note.

 “I’m really upset about the 2020 fall sports seasons because I have been in volleyball since ninth grade, and I have always been waiting for my senior year and finally being captain,” said Michaela Acevedo (12th). “Unfortunately, because of Coronavirus I didn't get the chance to take on that leadership role which is very upsetting. I’m really hoping that once we are back at school, we can maybe get a chance to play some friendly games against other schools.”

Even with the negative impact from the Coronavirus, the Athletic Program plans to make the most of this year’s school sports and are working hard to enable as many sports seasons as possible.

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