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Farewell Dr. Moran

This past Tuesday, news spread of Dr. Moran leaving the Hebrew Academy High School. He announced his departure through a heartfelt open letter posted to his google classroom. Within it he wrote about his reasons for leaving, his experience at the school, and his love for his students.

In addition to teaching English classes, Dr. Moran ran the podcast elective and was the faculty advisor for the Warrior Word. His classroom was always an open space for creativity and learning through thoughtful and engaging assignments. Students appreciated his passion for teaching and literature.

“Mr. Moran gave us the freedom that other teachers didn’t give us and he influenced every student with the knowledge of poetry and film, and we are going to miss him a lot,” said Lea Berkowitz (11th). He incorporated VHS camcorders, VCRs, antique typewriters, vintage polaroid cameras, and many other tools so students could learn through an artistic lens.

Dr. Moran’s classes enjoyed his fresh approach to teaching. Freshman Mimi Nahon said, “He understands the students really well and he was the best because he was creative with his assignments and had hands-on learning.” Moreover, he fostered a safe and welcoming environment for his students as he “never once lost his temper or showed a bit of anger”, said senior Sammy Lurie.

Even students outside of Dr. Moran’s classroom were impacted by his positivity. “I didn't even have Mr. Moran as a teacher. He was my favorite teacher to have conversations with about literally anything in life because he is super funny and nice, and I miss him,” said Ella Shwirtz (12th).

Dr. Moran’s famous tie collection was just one of the ways he expressed his creativity. “We’re very friendly. I always looked forward to seeing him and checking what tie he wore that day. I’m gonna miss seeing him around,” shared Rabbi Manne.

The Warrior Word sincerely thanks Dr. Moran for the enthusiasm, energy, effort, and guidance that he provided our club with. We appreciate the banter that led to article ideas and the fun that he brought to journalism. The Warrior Word wishes Dr. Moran much success and happiness in his future endeavors.


The Warrior Word Staff

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