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Farewell Seniors!

As the seniors leave Hebrew Academy, students from different grades share what they will miss from the class of 2021.

"The seniors were great! I really miss them. They were always so fun to be around" Asher Miller (11th grade)

“I’m really going to miss the senior’s lively energy and the way they light up the school” Shalev Bachar (9th grade).

“The seniors were always so fun to be around, and they were always nice to everyone around them. I’m going to miss that” Emily Roller (10th grade).

“The seniors brought a unique type of energy to the high school that will be missed, and I hope all of them have a successful future” Olivia Cook (9th grade).

“I think what I would miss most about the senior class is their overall positivity and fun and kindness towards everybody in school. Without them, it's going to be a very different place for all of us” Moshe Dov Brecher Laks (10th grade).

“The thing I’m gonna miss the most about the seniors is how they were there for me and took care of me when Sammy passed away. I never thought I could find such amazing people in my life I get to call family. They made such a big impact on my life, and I will remember them for the rest of my life" Anna Hirsch (11th grade).

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