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Fourteen Students Inducted into National Honor Society

By: Jeremy Dobin (12th Grade) with reporting by Sarah Posner (9th Grade) and photos by Yakira Guttenberg (10th Grade)

This Thursday, the annual National Honor Society inducted fourteen new members in an unprecedented induction ceremony in the Women's Club.

Due to Covid-19, parents, teachers, and students watched the ceremony on Zoom, while senior NHS members and inductees took the stage in masks, standing socially distanced from one another. Although the ceremony usually hosts a variety of technological difficulties, being conducted over Zoom made it harder for parents and students watching.

"There were some inevitable problems of doing it over Zoom. The audio and video quality weren’t great and this made it hard to appreciate the ceremony to its fullest," said NHS member Dovid Leubitz (11th Grade) via text.

After the playing of the National Anthem and a brief introduction, Principal Dr. Jones shared a short Dvar Torah. Following that, the guest speaker Ilan Sredni, a Hebrew Academy graduate and CEO of Palindrome Consulting Inc, addressed NHS members and discussed the struggles of maintaining religiosity in the real world.

Head of School Rabbi Shaye Guttenberg congratulated students and Assistant Principal Dr. Leiber thanked everyone. The ceremony concluded with the swearing in of new members.

“It felt good to be recognized for my academic accomplishments," said new inductee Shoshy Stein (10th) via text. "Hopefully, I will continue to be part of the Honor Society throughout my high school years,”

As usual, the National Honors Society Induction Ceremony was organized by NHS faculty adviser Mrs. Tirtza Schapiro.

"Technology is not my forte, but considering all the glitches, after the first few minutes, it really went off very very well and our kids, our stars, are the ones who make the event, so it's not about the other things," said Schapiro.

Although not the usual ceremony in the auditorium, students were overall thankful for the ceremony and for the school acknowledging their success.

"I thought it was nice that, even though we have to deal with Corona, the school still made an effort to acknowledge the work students put in." said Yehuda Cohen (12th).

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