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Freshmen Retreat to CB Smith

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

This past Tuesday, the 2024 Freshman class enjoyed a day-long retreat to CB Smith Park to help form connections and ease students into high school life. The day consisted of various activities, such as volleyball, football, basketball, mini-Olympic games, and much more.

Students enjoyed the action-packed day. When asked about their favorite part, Freshman Max Lehmann said, “The highlight of my day at the park was my team winning the volleyball game.”

At the park, the Freshmen were asked to write letters to their future selves, which will be opened before their graduation. This meaningful activity granted students an opportunity to reflect on their first week of high school and set goals for the years to come.

Students then spent the morning soaking in the sun, playing fun games, and catching up with each other. For lunch, they were treated to classic Israeli food: shawarma, falafel, pita, hummus, and chicken, all of which they enjoyed. “Instead of providing us with pizza, the school ordered a delicious Israeli buffet-style meal,” said Miriam Cohen (9th). They also engaged in fun team bonding exercises such as bucket brigade, which turned into a huge water fight, cooling them down on a hot day.

The Freshmen retreat gave students the opportunity to make memories with one another outside of the school environment. It was a major success and a great way to start this new experience in high school.

By: Mariel Barnes (9th) and Liza Lugo (9th)

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