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HA Reviews: To All The Boys: Always and Forever

Like regular movie, TV show, and book reviews, HA Reviews has students review pieces that interest them. This week, junior Bailey Spitz reviews Netflix's To All The Boys: Always and Forever, the third movie in the To All The Boys I've Loved Before trilogy based on novels by Jenny Han.

Each movie in the To All The Boys is significantly worse then the previous. The original, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie, was overly romantic and slightly cheesy, but still enjoyable to me. There, we meet Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky, who start a fake relationship only to develop real feelings for each other. As I said before, this is predictable but still the viewer cannot help but enjoy seeing the two of them fall in love with each other. However, by the third segment of the trilogy, I struggled to even maintain focus on the screen. Lara Jean and Peter’s love story was no longer interesting because the movie was so beyond predictable. It was so obvious that they would end up together and you do not even care anymore. They are not the adorable couple they were in the first movie; instead, they are just boring.

Furthermore, as a junior who is overly stressed about college applications, I was extremely frusturated by the fact that Lara Jean was constantly complaining about her struggles of deciding between two incredible universities. She was deciding which college to go to purely based on her relationship status. For me, picking a college involves a person to consider many more things besides, "will I be close to my boyfriend?" Additionally, Peter, a lacrosse jock who does not seem like such an overachiever, somehow got into Stanford. Stanford: a school with one of the lowest acceptation rates in the country. Yet, we never see him studying or doing homework. Contrarily, he seems to not care about any aspect of school besides lacrosse, so I do not comprehend how his GPA and SAT score was high enough.

Ultimately, the film was less appealing than the two previous instalments. The previous two movies were on the border of cute and overly mushy. In the third one, they crossed that line. Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship is what makes this movie watchable, but it is still not a movie you will want to watch more than once if even that.

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