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HA Students Return to the Field

After a year of anticipation, Hebrew Academy’s Warrior sports seasons have returned. Although some restrictions because of the pandemic still remain, students are ecstatic to be able to participate in their favorite sports. Both student-athletes and their peers supporting them on the bleachers have the ability to be part of something greater than themselves: A team.

“Last year was so different without the sports teams and games, and now they are starting up again. We have an opportunity to watch the games, and even if it is not in person, I think it should make everyone really proud. I’m really excited to see everyone supporting all the teams,” said Lea Berkowitz (11th).

Fall sports season, generally lasting from September to October, consists of girls’ volleyball, boys’ flag football, and cross country. The first Volleyball game took place on Tuesday, August 31st. The team put up a great fight to both Avant Garde Academy and Doctor’s Charter, with many more games coming their way.

Captain of the Varsity Girls Volleyball team, Shoshy Stein (11th) shared that “it felt good to be back on the court and finally playing other teams from other schools and just being back in the sports environment, in the gym.”

The Varsity Boys Flag football team has also just begun their time on the field, marking the start of their season with their first game on September 13th.

“Being on the football team is great because I get to practice every day and get better with my friends. I am so happy that there are sports again this year because I have been looking forward to having a season for so long,” said Dovid Budwick (10th). “I am excited to play this season, and I think we can be competitive with top teams.”

The cross country team has started off with a successful run. In the first meet, the warriors triumphed with three top ten girls and one boy, putting the girls in second place and the boys in fourth.

“For my first cross country run, I was very nervous but also excited to see other schools compete against our school and see how we would do. It was a good bonding experience for our team, and I feel like our team is more united now,” said Miriam Cohen (9th).

This year’s seniors are also feeling especially grateful for the opportunity to participate in sports in their last year of High School.

Students are elated to have sports back, for it brings a source of excitement and school spirit outside of the classroom. It is a chance for students to express their unity with each other and their school that cannot be recreated in an academic setting. Through high hopes and teamwork, the warriors are confident that this year they will bring many victories back home.

By: Riley Spitz

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