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Hebrew Academy Hosts Captain Hyman P. Galbut Girls Basketball Shabbaton

Hebrew Academy is hosting it’s annual basketball shabbaton, from Wednesday, February 17 to this Saturday night. Girls are traveling from across the country to play against each other. The players will participate in intense games in hopes of making it to the championship game on Saturday night.

The Hebrew Academy Warriors have already started off with a bang.“I’m ready to pound it,” said Sophie Gordon (11th grade). “I feel confident with how well we played last night. We are definitely working together with emuna and faith.”

The tournament not only allows Hebrew Academy girls to play hard and show off basketball skills, but it also gives them a chance to bond with other Jewish girls who have the same love and appreciation for basketball.

“Last night’s game showed how ready we are for this tournament,” said Hailey Dobin (12th grade). “We played as a team and every player contributed to the win. I am excited for Shabbat and to spend time getting to know the other teams.”

The Warriors started the tournament impressively with a win (54-35). Team members said they will continue to strive and hopefully make it to the championship.

By: Julia Ohana

See schedule below

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