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Humans of RASG

Shirel Emano (10th) 4/5/19


Humans of RASG, similar to Humans of New York,  is a verbal snapshot of the people who make up our high school. Each human is asked to speak about themselves at length, and their monologue is recorded and transcribed verbatim. In order to keep it real, nothing is left out.

Hi, my name is Shirel, and last year I went to a public school called ATM, Alonzo and Tracy Morgan, and it was very, very different than Hebrew Academy because I never really learned Jewish studies ever, and it was a lot more different. The people are much more different in Hebrew Academy because they’re more welcoming, I guess, and nicer. The reason I switched to Hebrew Academy was because this summer I went on a program to Israel called TJJ with NCSY and it changed my whole perspective on everything, and it made me want to be in a Jewish School. On TJJ we did many fun things, but the most important was how many things we learned and all the Jewish values we learned and it made all of us more religious. We loved being together on Shabbat and most of us kept Shabbat, and it was very different from being home and not keeping Shabbat and going out. It was just a very fun summer. When I first came to this school I was pretty nervous because I didn’t know anyone and I did not expect it to be so different than other schools.

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