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Lady Warriors Soccer Scores First Win of Season


By: Avigail Kahn (11th Grade)

As senior Amit Shushan lined up to score what was the first goal of the Lady Warrior’s game against Greater Miami Academy (GMA) on Tuesday, she did not realize that it would be the first enroute to a 3-0 victory, the team’s first win of the season.

“Before this game I didn’t want to play anymore. I hated soccer because it just wasn’t fun anymore. My sister graduated, and it wasn’t the same,” Shushan said. “After we came together as a team it was the most amazing feeling.”

Fellow captain Yael Bister (11th) carried the momentum into the second half by scoring a goal of her own from 20 yards out, making it a 2-0 lead. Although the GMA Christian Warriors responded with fight and aggression, goalie Shira Mayer (8th) was able to deflect all attempted shots, maintaining the Warrior’s shutout.

“This was my first year playing soccer, and I’m playing goalie,” Mayer said. “I just never expected this.”

The Warriors sealed the deal on their first win of the season with a goal  by Sophia Furman (8th) in the 60th minute.

“Scoring a goal was for all of us,” Furman said. “I’m so proud of the team for winning.” 

For the remaining twenty minutes of the match, the Lady Warrior’s defense held strong, preventing any chance  of a comeback by GMA. Good communication on both ends of the field enabled the Lady Warriors to celebrate their first victory.

“It felt amazing, it was really cool to see how well our team works together,” Bister said  it was all teamwork.” 

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