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Meet Hamorah Lea

On Monday, February 8th, Alexa Cohen and Jack Benveniste-Plitt interviewed Hamorah Lea, who is in her first year of teaching at the Hebrew Academy.

A&J: How are you liking the Hebrew Academy thus far?

HML: So far, I really like the school. It is a good year, and the students here are really great.

A&J: When did you move from Israel?

HML: I moved here in 2012.

A&J: What is your favorite Israeli food?

HML: I am actually a vegan, so I don’t eat any animals or animal products. I eat morally. I would have to say that couscous, an Israeli classic, and a vegan dish is my favorite Israeli food.

A&J: How do you feel about our school’s approach to Israel?

HML: I am very happy with the activities that are done here. I am a Zionist. In my last school, they did not do as many pro-Israel activities, so I really appreciate what the Hebrew Academy does.

A&J: What is your spirit animal?

HML: I guess an eagle because they can fly and look down at everything in the world.

A&J: What is your favorite genre for books and movies?

HML: I like horror movies and reading historical fiction novels.

A&J: Thank you for your time.

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