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Meet HaMorah Nofar

By: Daniel Ohana (10th Grade)

The Warrior Word sat down with HaMorah Nofar to talk about Israel, education, and her high school experience.

Daniel Ohana: Where in Israel are you from?

HaMorah Nofar: I’m from Rishon LeZion, near Tel Aviv.

DO: What’s it like there?

HN: It’s a fun place there. It has parks like Orlando, and it’s close to big cities.

DO: How often do you visit?

HN: It’s hard to fly back and forth from here to Israel. I try to go two times a year.

DO: When did you move here?

HN: Last year in August. I started teaching Hebrew to the first grade. This year, I teach Hebrew to middle school and high school students. I also teach about Israel in the middle school.

DO: Did you always want to be a teacher?

HN: Yes. I’ve never really thought about it. It always seemed like something that I was going to do. I always pictured myself teaching. I started teaching kids with learning disabilities in Israel. Teaching special education is my second major. I also taught at a public high school in Israel.

DO: What were you like in school?

HN: In Israel, you pick a main subject that you focus on learning for high school. My subject was communication. I also worked on the school newspaper. I did almost everything, apart from sports. I didn’t really play sports.

DO: Did you have any dream jobs or goals when you were younger?

HN: Truthfully, I always wanted to open a private school for kids with learning disabilities. I wanted to change the way that special education was taught. This was my dream job.

DO: What do you think of this school? Do you like it here?

HN: Yes. The main reason is because of the Zionist culture. There is a strong connection to Israel at this school. Here, I really feel closer to home.

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