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Meet Melissa

The Warrior Word sat down with Melissa Medina, assistant manager of the school cafeteria. Get to know Melissa as she discusses her move from Venezuela to the U.S. and what she likes most about her job in the kitchen.

Rina Ashkenazi-Cohen: What’s your full name?

Melissa Medina: My name is Melissa Valles. I got married about eight months ago and changed my name to Melissa Medina.

RAC: Where are you from?

MM: I am from Venezuela.

RAC: Why did you move to the U.S.?

MM: I moved here because of the situation over there. It’s a place where it is very hard to live in because it is hard to find food, you can’t find a job, or any necessities.

RAC: What do you do? What’s your job?

MM: I started off as manager of the kitchen, but then I got pregnant with my first child and decided it would be best to take an easier job at the school so that I could spend more time with my son. Now I am like an assistant to the manager. I take the kids’ orders of food and call their parents if their child needs more money.

RAC: What’s the hardest part of your job?

MM: The hardest part of my job is to take care of the kids, or when I need to put them in a line when they are disorganized.

RAC: What’s your favorite part of your job?

MM: My favorite part of my job is to make sushi and when I talk to parents. They are very nice to me, and we establish a good relationship.

RAC: What do you usually call the parents for?

MM: I remind them that their child needs money on their account.

RAC: How did you hear about Hebrew Academy?

MM: My sister-in-law works for the catering for the school. They asked me if I wanted to work here when I moved here, and I accepted.

RAC: How do you set up everything for lunch?

MM: We always have to be a step ahead and have a certain time for everything so we are on schedule.

RAC: Are you planning to stay in Hebrew Academy?

MM: Yes, I would like to stay here because I enjoy the job, and my son goes to primary school here, so it is good that he is near me.

By Rina Ashkenazi-Cohen (9th grade)

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