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Meet Mr. Matla

On December 2, Alexa Cohen and Jack Benveniste-Plitt sat down with Mr. Matla, who has been teaching History at the Hebrew Academy for four years.

Alexa and Jack: What is your favorite subject to teach? Mr. Matla: Ancient history, medieval European history, and 20th century history.

A&J: Since you are a military historian, what is your favorite weapon? MM: An M60 machine gun.

A&J: Who is your favorite military commander ever? MM: George Patton.

A&J: What is your favorite battle ever? MM: The battle of Alesia.

A&J: If you could be any animal, what would you be? MM: A wolf.

A&J: What is your favorite football team? MM: The Browns.

A&J: How do you feel about their game Monday night? MM: No comment.

A&J: What is your favorite hockey team? MM: The Red Wings.

A&J: What is your favorite dessert? MM: Meatball cookies.

A&J: You are the head of the school’s AIPAC committee. What led you to being active for Israel? MM: I am a military historian, and I can see that Israel is strategically important to America. It is the only democratic country in the Middle East, and it is a foothold in the area. America’s alliance with Israel is very important to its power and influence in the Middle East.

A&J: Thank you, Mr. Matla!

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