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Meet Mr. V


Naomi Ohana: What’s your full name?

Mr. V: V.

NO: Where are you from?

Mr. V: Slovenia. I lived there for over 20 years.

NO: What was Slovenia like?

Mr. V: Awesome. I have two brothers, and I had a dog for 16 years. I played soccer and basketball with my friends.

NO: Where do you live now?

Mr. V: Sunny Isles. It’s super sunny.

NO: What do you think of Miami?

Mr. V: It’s awesome. I like Café con Leche.

NO: When did you move here?

Mr. V: About five years ago.

NO: What do you think of the school and students?

Mr. V: It’s excellent. Kids are great, motivated, willing to learn, and good kids overall. Everyone is very friendly. Mr. Innes is awesome, and Ms. Miao is great.

NO: Where were you teaching before?

Mr. V: I taught at Catholic schools before this. I worked at Archbishop McCarthy in Davie. Before that, I taught in California.

NO: Did you live in California before Miami?

Mr. V: Yes. I moved from Slovenia to New York, then to California, and then to Miami.  

NO: Where did you go to school?

Mr. V: A city college in New York.

NO: Did you always want to be a math teacher? Why or why not?

Mr. V: Yes. I just liked math. Geometry and Calculus are my favorite.   

NO: What were your dreams and goals when you were a kid?

Mr. V: I wanted to be a soccer player.

NO: Do you play sports?

Mr. V: Yes, basketball and soccer.

NO: Do you have any hobbies?

Mr. V: Exercise and eat chocolate, but I eat too much chocolate so it negates the workout. I like watching sports and listening to music.

NO: What kind of music do you like?

Mr. V: Mountain Polka music. It’s great.

NO: What is your favorite food?

Mr. V: Uhhhh, that’s a loaded question. Let me think. I can’t think of that on the spot.  

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