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Meet Mr. V

Welcome back to the Teacher Corner! This week, the Warrior Word staff interviewed Mr. V, a math teacher at the Hebrew Academy. Get to know him as he finally confirms his full name, proclaims his love for Café con Leche, and tells us of his childhood dream to become a soccer player.

Naomi Ohana: What’s your full name?

Mr. V: V.

NO: Where are you from?

Mr. V: Slovenia. I lived there for over 20 years.

NO: What was Slovenia like?

Mr. V: Awesome. I have two brothers, and I had a dog for 16 years. I played soccer and basketball with my friends.

NO: Where do you live now?

Mr. V: Sunny Isles. It’s super sunny.

NO: What do you think of Miami?

Mr. V: It’s awesome. I like Café con Leche.

NO: When did you move here?

Mr. V: About five years ago.

NO: What do you think of the school and students?

Mr. V: It’s excellent. Kids are great, motivated, willing to learn, and good kids overall. Everyone is very friendly. Mr. Innes is awesome, and Ms. Miao is great.

NO: Where were you teaching before?

Mr. V: I taught at Catholic schools before this. I worked at Archbishop McCarthy in Davie. Before that, I taught in California.

NO: Did you live in California before Miami?

Mr. V: Yes. I moved from Slovenia to New York, then to California, and then to Miami.  

NO: Where did you go to school?

Mr. V: A city college in New York.

NO: Did you always want to be a math teacher? Why or why not?

Mr. V: Yes. I just liked math. Geometry and Calculus are my favorite.   

NO: What were your dreams and goals when you were a kid?

Mr. V: I wanted to be a soccer player.

NO: Do you play sports?

Mr. V: Yes, basketball and soccer.

NO: Do you have any hobbies?

Mr. V: Exercise and eat chocolate, but I eat too much chocolate so it negates the workout. I like watching sports and listening to music.

NO: What kind of music do you like?

Mr. V: Mountain Polka music. It’s great.

NO: What is your favorite food?

Mr. V: Uhhhh, that’s a loaded question. Let me think. I can’t think of that on the spot.  

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