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Meet Mrs. Simauchi


The Warrior Word sat down with math teacher Mrs. Simauchi to discuss her Peruvian background, why she became a teacher, and what she was like in high school. 

Ava Horowitz: So, where are you from?

Mrs. Simauchi: From Peru.

AH: And you were born in Peru?

Mrs.S: I was born in Peru.

AH: when did you move here?

Mrs.S: back in 1990.

AH: Was there any specific reason?

Mrs.S: Because I got married, and my husband came to the United States.

AH: Aww, so you went with him, that’s really cute. Where did you go to college?

Mrs.S: I went to college in Lima, Peru.

AH: In Peru?

Mrs.S: In Peru. I got a bachelor’s degree from Lima, Peru, and then I did my master’s here.

AH: What were you like in high school and college?

Mrs.S: In high school I played sports.

AH: What teams were you on?

Mrs.S: I played volleyball.

AH Really?

Mrs.S: And I like to dance, I liked to socialize and have friends and study and be good and what I was supposed to be.

AH: How did you end up in the Hebrew Academy?

Mrs.S: I was supposed to move to Miami Beach, but I couldn’t buy a house in Miami Beach, and I got this job, because it was too expensive, but I decided to stay here because I like the environment. I like the kids.

AH: why did you become a teacher?

Mrs.S: Because I was working, but for a company, an industrial engineer, and I had kids back to back and I couldn’t take my kids with me to work. I would go to Christmas and I couldn’t see my kids because I had to go to work. My work was outside in the streets, so I quit my job, and I was going to do my master’s, my teacher told me, “well, don’t quit your job or don’t quit working, just go and teach, you can teach,” so I went, and I got my certificate, and said just do it when your kids are little, but then I stayed there forever because I like doing it.

AH: What would you do if you weren’t a teacher? What job would you have?

Mrs.S: An industrial engineer

AH: What do you like to do outside of work?

Mrs.S: I read and I tutor a lot for math. I had to pay tuition to colleges .

AH: What are your hobbies? Do you play any sports that you used to play?

Mrs.S: Sometimes I mean with a club I play volleyball.

AH: what do you do on the weekends?

Mrs.S: On the weekends I like to go to the beach, and I like to go shopping, and read, I like to read.

AH: What do you do when your kids come back in town? How many kids do you have?

Mrs.S: Three.

AH: Are they all in college?

Mrs.S: They’re all in college.

AH: How often do they come back in? What do you do when they come back in?

Mrs.S: They come Christmas, they come Thanksgiving, they come my birthday, they come spring break, and any other time.

AH: What is it like when your kids come back in? Do you do anything special?

Mrs.S: Oh, I cook for them, we go out together, we watch movies, we go out together a lot. We value family a lot.

AH: Are your kids similar to you? Do you look at your kids and are like, “wow, I was like that in high school”?

Mrs.S: No, they’re totally different. It’s another generation, but I mean, values-wise, yeah, we share the same values, I guess that, I mean. They have the same values.

AH: Thank you so much.

By: Ava Horowitz (12th Grade)

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