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Meet Ms. Darbus and Coach Bolton


This week, Teacher Corner travels to East High of High School Musical where student Martha Cox interviews Drama Teacher Ms. Darbus and Coach of the Wildcats, Coach Bolton.

Martha Cox: Hey guys, it’s Martha Cox and I’m going to conduct the interview of our favorite teachers, Coach Bolton and Ms. Darbus. So tell me, how did you guys meet?

Ms. Darbus: He was stealing students as always.

Coach Bolton: What?

Ms. D: Yeah. You were stealing all my students from detention.

Coach B: Oh… stealing?

Ms. D: Yeah.

Coach B: You were stealing my team.

Ms. D: No, you were stealing my students.

Coach B: Okay, so this is what happened. Basically, she decided that she was gonna give my team detention and I needed them because they are my stars.

Ms. D: No, no, no, no… but they deserved detention because Mr. Danforth was talking back to me and Troy Bolton, your son, was using his phone.

Coach B: No, no. Troy is perfect. He was probably using his phone for something important, like basketball.

MC: What do you guys teach?

Coach B: I am the basketball coach for the all star basketball team with leading player, my son, Troy Bolton. They won the championships which was really special because they don’t come around often.

Ms. D: I am the drama teacher and theater is my place of learning and I love all my students. I give everyone that chance to spread their wings to bold new horizons.

MC: What’s your favorite thing about what you guys teach?

Coach B: Well, I’m teaching these kids how to have a goal about teamwork which is something they can use as adults and I’m really happy because they are really taking their potential and bringing it to the max.

Ms. D: I am teaching them how to take out all their stress and release it in the theater through being different animals and whoever they want to be.  

MC: Tell us Mrs. Darbus, what is the ball of noise?

Ms. D: The ball of noise is an exercise that I do every day in detention when you pass around an invisible ball and it goes with the sound and you release all your emotions. The only thing that you are limited by is your imagination.

Coach B: You also make my team look like a bunch of idiots.

Ms. D: They are acting like actors, excuse you.

Coach B: We were in the midst of practicing for our big game, excuse you.

Ms. D: We were in the midst of a detention.

MC: What were you guys like in high school?

Ms. D: (whispers) He was probably a jerk.

Coach B: You were probably made fun of. Darbus the deranged over here doesn’t know what she is talking about. I was heartbreak Bolton. In high school I also was on the basketball team. I was the captain, and I was basically who I am today except less cool. But now I’m much cooler.

Ms. D: I was head of the drama club, and I basically bossed everyone around and everyone loved me. When I was a senior in high school, we put on the best show of Romeo and Juliet and everyone loved it and it was all because of me. Theater, it really gets you going.

MC: Who is your favorite student and why is your favorite student Martha Cox?

Coach B: Obviously, it’s Troy Bolton. He is my star student because he is my son, and also, he’s got a rockin’ voice apparently, that I just found out about, and also he is crazy awesome at basketball with some serious talent and skill and I’m really impressed with him, and yeah. Him and his friend, Chad Danforth, they’re quite the star team.

Ms.D: My favorite student, obviously, is Martha Cox, you, because the way that she just enacts a bear, I just, I’ve never seen anyone do it. It really opened up my eyes, she really made me understand, and gave me hope for the future of American theater, and this is why I do theater. Because of kids like her.

MC: So, before we go, again, a really quick announcement from Coach Bolton and Ms. Darbus. So, what do you have to say?

Coach B: So there were many rumors that we were together, and we want to confirm these rumors officially. We have a baby girl on the way. We’re thinking about naming her Stella.

Ms.D: To put all those rumors to rest, it’s true.

Coach B: As much as we fight, there’s so much love between us. You could always bake us cakes. Creme Brûlée, we like stuff like that, and tiramisu.

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