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Meet Rabbi Lefkowitz

On October 16, Alexa Cohen and Jack Benveniste-Plitt sat down with Rabbi Lefkowitz to talk parsha, biblical figures and the Dallas Cowboys. Rabbi Lefkowitz has been teaching at the Hebrew Academy for four years. He teaches Life Cycles and Chumash. Alexa & Jack: Rabbi, what is your favorite topic to teach? Rabbi Lefkowitz: Definitely Israel. I am very Zionistic. Alexa & Jack: Who is your favorite biblical figure? Rabbi Lefkowitz:  Pinchas, for sure. Alexa & Jack:  Why Pinchas? Rabbi Lefkowitz: Because he lives forever, of course. Alexa & Jack: Who’s your favorite female biblical figure? Rabbi Lefkowitz: Great question. Either Yocheved or Miriam because of their strength, determination, and selflessness. Alexa & Jack: What’s your favorite secular subject? Rabbi Lefkowitz: History. Military history, to be specific. Alexa & Jack: That’s very cool. Your favorite parsha? Rabbi Lefkowitz: Pinchas. Alexa & Jack: How about dessert? Rabbi Lefkowitz: I love strawberry shortcake. It’s the best. Alexa & Jack: Favorite color? Rabbi Lefkowitz: Purple. Alexa & Jack: Favorite sport? And which team of that sport? Rabbi Lefkowitz: Football. My favorite team would have to be the Cowboys. Alexa & Jack: Interesting. You seem like a Cowboys fan. If you had to be any animal in the world, which animal would you be? Rabbi Lefkowitz: I would never want to be an animal. Alexa & Jack: Okay, but if you had to choose. Rabbi Lefkowitz: Is there a gun to my head? Alexa & Jack: What? Um, sure. Rabbi Lefkowitz: Fine. I would be an eagle. Alexa & Jack: Cool. While we’re on the subject, do you hate animals or something? Rabbi Lefkowitz: Of course not! Alexa & Jack: Oh, good. Are you a dog person or cat person? Rabbi Lefkowitz: Dog. Alexa & Jack: Thank G-d! (Sorry Jack.) And that’s all the time we have! Thank you, Rabbi, it’s been a pleasure.

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