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Meet The Bermans

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The Warrior Word sat down with Hebrew Academy power couple Mr. and Mrs. Berman to learn about everything from the first time they met to their first child, Stella. Mr. Berman teaches history and coaches basketball and Mrs. Berman teaches English and is the Theatre Director.

Michal Cohen: How did you guys meet?

Mrs. Berman: We met at a summer camp. We were both working, I was an arts and crafts counselor and Mr. Berman was the head of basketball. And that’s how we met. The rest is history.

MC: What is it like working together?

Mr. Berman: It’s great. We get to see each other all the time, especially with Stella, having her here, it makes our commutes a lot easier. We can talk about different things about school, and we understand what’s going on, with different challenges, etc. She is fun to work with.  

MC: What is it like being the power couple at the school?

Mr. B: We take pride in that.

Mrs. B: Number one is out now; Malka and Judah.

Mr. B: We take pride in that. Now that Malka and Judah moved on, we are back to number one. We regained our spot. Hopefully we are valuable here.

Mrs. B: Yes, hopefully.

MC: Is Stella going to be a jock or a thespian?

Mr. and Mrs.B: Ohhhh…

Mrs. B: That is a great question. Obviously, we both have our own opinions on the matter, but whatever she wants to do.

Mr. B: She is 16 months old, she is running around, throwing balls and all that stuff. I have confidence in her athletic abilities already, but whatever she wants.

MC: What got you guys into teaching?

Mrs. B: I was working in casting and it was–I guess you can say–an on-paper glamorous job. I got to meet directors and actors, and we were working on TV shows and movies, but for some reason I didn’t feel fulfilled or creative. I come from a very long line of teachers; everybody in my family teaches, and an opportunity opened at YHS to direct theater and I was like, “oh, maybe that is the piece that is missing.”  I was originally hired here as strictly the theater director, but at last minute they needed me as an English teacher, and I was like “well that has a lot to do with each other.” Script analysis is just like literature analysis. So that is how it started.

Mr. B: That was a long answer.

Mrs. B: Well, it is a long story. It’s a long road to teaching.

Mr. B: I always enjoyed working with young people. I think it is my natural fit as a coach, as an educator, as a mentor. With what you do in the classroom, with what you do on the court, it’s all about helping young people to grow and succeed. I just enjoy working with young people. That’s the main reason I teach.

MC: You took a trip to Ireland over the Sukkot break. How was it?

Mr. B: So, me and Mrs. Berman have very different beliefs on traveling. I am more of the resort- pool, big breakfasts, relax, and lay on the beach. Mrs Berman loves sightseeing. If there is something that needs to be seen, she has to see it. There was a delicate balance between keeping me happy and seeing things that she wanted to see.

Mrs. B: Let’s just say that the first part of the trip was more geared towards me, and then the second half we were staying at this beautiful hotel.

Mr. B: It was very cold. It is a beautiful country.

Mrs. B: It was absolutely beautiful. We had a great time. It was our first time away from Stella.

Mr. B: But we missed her.

Mrs. B: Yes we did. She missed us. But it was really nice.

MC: What is your favorite thing about Hebrew Academy?

Mrs. B:  Choose just one? I would have to say the students. I really enjoy working with them. They are fun, and they are passionate. They are just a creative bunch.

Mr. B: This is my 6th year here. I have been here for a while now. Through the athetics, I’ve coached a lot of the kids, a lot of the seniors and juniors now when they were ten and eleven years old. Watching them grow up and being a part of their lives on both sides of the street, and seeing so many of them go on to successful things here when they leave has been a really cool thing. Students always make a school go. Teachers are a big part of it of course, if you have a good student body, good people, good personalities, which we do, then it all runs well.

By: Michal Cohen (12th Grade)

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