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Mosh Pit Mayhem Comes to an Abrupt Halt

Door to the third floor bathroom, where many of the mosh pits occurred.

By: Bailey Spitz (10th Grade)

Scuffling and pushing each other around in a tightly enclosed circle, while shouting at the top of their lungs, the boys of Hebrew Academy have found a new in-school activity: the mosh pit.

In recent weeks, groups of boys have been congregating in the bathrooms periodically throughout the day to engage in mosh pits, but the fun ended after their gathering caused collateral damage to the bathrooms last week.

The administration put a temporary ban on mosh pits until the boys who participated are able to raise the $800 needed to fix a toilet. Although it is unclear exactly how many boys take part in the mosh pits, it is estimated to be about at least twenty at any given time.

Originally the administration dealt with the mosh pits by locking the third floor bathroom, but the boys just relocated to the second and fourth floor bathrooms.

Many students and teachers were originally confused by the mosh pits.

“Once when I was trying to walk to class there were a bunch of boys in the hallway outside the bathroom jumping and making a lot of noise, and it was really distracting,” said Sara Reinberg (9th). “I could not get through to my class, so I was a few minutes late.”

Some teachers claim that the mosh pits are distracting and that they negatively impact the decorum. “They are ridiculously disruptive and there is no point to them,” said English teacher Mr. Duarte. “I think the kids are surprised they got in trouble, but they should have known that at some point they would get in trouble.”

But according to students who participate in the mosh pits, they are a fun and quick outlet, lasting only a minute or two.

“I think it’s a good way for all the boys to let out their energy in a positive way,” said senior Ariel Arwas (12th). “And it’s kind of like having school spirit, and like everyone being united. I think it’s a positive thing.”

Students who took part in the mosh pit say they miss it and are hoping to raise the money by this Tuesday so they can resume their activity.

“The Mosh Pits were really fun even if they were just one minute,” said Asher Miller (10th).

While the fate of the mosh pits remains undecided, students and teachers alike agree that they have certainly shaken up the school.

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