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New Incentives to Watch the Warriors’ Basketball Games!

This week Mrs. Kaltman sent an email to the student body stating that starting on Wednesday, December 20th, students were given the incredible opportunity to earn rewards by showing up at each boys’ and girls’ Varsity Basketball home games, as long as they demonstrate good sportsmanship. Players on the basketball teams can earn a ticket for being at the game of the other gender. Students must arrive at each game during the first quarter when they will receive a ticket to be signed at the end of the game. They can also choose one of three rewards per ticket per game: one tardy removal, one homework pass in one class (if the teacher allows it), or one extra point on a summative assessment in one class. To receive the rewards, students must submit the signed ticket to Rabbi Manne or Mrs Kaltman. 

This system was made in hopes of encouraging more students to attend the games, show their school spirit, and help the Warriors succeed on the court, which was demonstrated this past Wednesday night—the first night of this implementation—when both the Junior Varsity and Varsity Boys beat Doctors Charter School with lots of support from the student body in the stands! This is a perfect opportunity to show the importance of school spirit, while also getting a chance to cheer on the Warriors and help them win!

Go Warriors! 

By Emilie Bensoussan (9th)

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