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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

On Wednesday, February 9th, Hebrew Academy dedicated a large portion of the day to Breast Cancer Awareness Day, also known as Pink Day. This year, like many previous years, students and faculty wore pink to honor the cause. The school was decorated with pink decorations, which added to the spirit of the day. Another important aspect of Pink Day was the selling of pink pastries and pink lemonade to raise donation money for Sharsheret, an organization that helps those, as well as their families, who face the catastrophic effects cancer can cause.

“When I walked into school today everything was pink, it really felt like our school was recognizing the importance of Breast and Ovarian Cancer awareness,” says Ella Levy (9th Grade).

This year, the day was specifically dedicated to Casey Desantis, the First Lady of Florida who recently completed her treatments for breast cancer. Many wanted to do this as a sign of gratitude to Governor Desantis for all his contributions to the state of Florida, as well as Israel and the Jewish people.

Additionally, a speaker named Mali Schwartz spoke about her personal experience with Breast cancer. She discussed how she found her illness through a dream and displayed paintings about the process of healing, which was touching and impactful to many students and faculty.

“I was really touched by how she painted her darkest time in life and made it so pretty,” says Lily Abrahams (9th Grade).

Overall, Pink Day was a success in raising donation money for Sharsheret, honoring those who have combated breast cancer, and spreading awareness.

By: Talia Herssein (9th)

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