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Op-Ed: The Recent Rise in Antisemitism

In the past decade, there has been a dramatic rise in rates of antisemitism around the world and even here in America. 82% of Jewish Americans reported that antisemitism has been getting worse over the last five years. Additionally, one in every four Jews have experienced personal hate crimes and attacks. As a Jew living in America in 2022, I worry about the safety of living in America. It is extremely worrisome to me that reports of horrific attacks and hate crimes is not even rare news anymore.

Our beautiful sanctuaries to pray in have to be guarded by tight security instead of having open doors, in response to acts of antisemitism, especially after the horrific shooting that occurred just 4 years ago at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. It is impossible to deny that antisemitism is present in our world. Swastikas are being spray-painted on Jewish graves. College campuses have become places of fear to express our religion. For example, one in three students felt threatened by antisemitism in the last school year. Jewish hatred is also rampant outside of America. For instance, Jews in Paris and Copenhagen are battling the choice to leave their hometowns because of fatal attacks. I believe it is extremely important to take a moment and recognize that this is similar to what happened to the Jews before the Holocaust, the hatred was not relevant to their lives until it had to be. The violence and hostility towards Jews are slowly spreading around the world. Here in Miami over the past week, we had a glimpse into this when antisemitic fliers claiming the pandemic was part of the Jews' agenda were handed out to over 100 homes in the Miami Beach area.

While this can be terrifying, there are actions we can take. Our communities have to spread awareness. We have to be loud about what is happening around the world, and ensure that it is not overlooked. Additionally, we need to promote Holocaust remembrance so we never allow history to repeat itself. It is up to us to continue the legacy of our ancestors and fight for our precious religion.

By: Talia Herssein (9th)

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