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Parashat Vayera

This week’s Parsha is Parshat Vayera. Eager to perform the Mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim (welcoming guests into one's home), Avraham patiently waits outside his tent for people to pass by. Eventually, three Malachim appear disguised as humans, and Avraham rushes to invite them into his house. One of the angels says to Avraham, " שוב אשוב אליך כעת חיה והנה בן לשרה אשתך"- “‘I shall return according to this time of life and your wife Sarah will have a son.’” (18:10).

Q: When and where did the angel eventually return, and what was it for?

A: During Akeidat Yitzchak, Avraham was ready to sacrifice Yitzchak. As he picked up the knife, ready to fulfill Hashem’s commandment, an angel called to him saying, “Stop, do not do anything.” The same angel who 37 years earlier had told Avraham that Sarah would have a child reappeared to save Yitzchak’s life, as he was the Malach who originally revealed his existence to Sarah and Avraham. The words ``ka’eit chayah” - “at the time of life” prove that it was the same Malach. The angel had hinted to Avraham that he would reappear at a time when he would prevent Yitchak’s death and instead give him the opportunity to live.

By: Tova Bossewitch

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