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Parsha Ki Tavo

By: Dominique Behar (10th)

In Parshat Ki Tavo, Moshe recounts the extraordinary miracles that G-d performed for the Jewish people in Egypt while laying out the laws for the Jewiosh people. Moshe informs the Jewish people that until now, the nation had not been equipped with the necessary tools to recognize G-d’s miracles; as Moshe says, “G-d did not give you a heart to know, or eyes to see, or ears to hear until this day.” 

However, how were the people unable to see the miracles if they were occurring right in front of them?

Moshe thought that the Jewish people’s faith in G-d was because there was not any major display of His power. From this, we can understand that Moshe did not want the Jewish people to forget the miracles of the past, and Hashem’s presence. So, by stating that the Jewish people were receiving special miracles while travelling through the desert, Moshe wanted to remind them that G-d is the One who made all of those miracles and saved everyone in Egypt. 

Many times after an event occurs, people think to themselves “What was I thinking?” or “Why did I do that?” As life progresses, so do our perspectives. We can learn and grow from the experiences we have everyday. By training ourselves to realize the greatness of each miracle that occurs, no matter how much time has passed, our emunah in Hashem will grow.

Shabbat Shalom!

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