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Parshat Pekudei

Parshat Pekudei is the last Parsha in Sefer Shemot. The past few Parshas and this week's Parsha all describe the Mishkan: a place for Hashem to dwell in this physical world. Why does the Torah describe the Mishkan in multiple Parshas but when Hashem created the world, it was only described in a few passukim of Parsha Bereshit?

This week's Parsha talks about the gold, silver, and copper that was used in the Mishkan's construction, the making of the garments, as well as the erection and consecration of the Mishkan. Last week's Parsha also talked about the building and other things having to do with the Mishkan, but why is it so important that it needs to be talked about in so many Parshas? The Mishkan was the first place that the Jewish people created so that Hashem’s schina (presence) could rest and dwell in our world.

The Ramban explains that our slavery was not completely over until we built the Mishkan. The Mishkan was the first place that Hashem was able to be with us in our physical world and although we don't have the Mishkan now, it is our job to try to keep Hashem with us in our world as well. Now, with everything going on in Ukraine it is especially a time where we should pray to Hashem that He is with us in our world and will protect us. We are very lucky that we are not physically affected by what's going on in Ukraine, but mentally we are all affected. There is a war going on not too far away and there are many Jews unlike us who are in bomb shelters because their lives currently depend on it. Even though we don't have the Mishkan, where we knew Hashem was with us, we still need to pray to Hashem that He should protect us and everyone who is currently in Ukraine.

Shabbat Shalom!

By: Eli Gdanski (9th Grade)

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