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Parshat Vayeira

By: Sarah Posner (9th Grade)

Throughout this week’s Parsha, Parshat Vayeira, we can learn many different lessons from Avraham Avinu. One message that clearly stands out is to always show kindness. Like a true leader, Avraham exemplified kindness through his actions. Three days after Avraham had his Brit Mila, he was eager to invite and welcome guests into his home despite his physical pain. When the three Malachim (angels) approached Abraham's tent he quickly got up and welcomed them inside. Even though he was in pain, Avraham ensured his guests were treated with the best of the best. He and Sarah prepared a meal for them that was fit for a king. He treated them with the utmost respect even though they were strangers who worshipped idols. Avraham loved having guests so much, that he had openings on all four sides of his tent. Anyone from any direction felt instantly welcomed and was greeted by Avraham. This does not simply refer to the directions of north, east, south, and west. On a deeper level this referred to how Avraham welcomed all people from all walks of life. Avraham taught us to be kind to everyone even if they are different. We should act with our whole hearts and accept everyone, even when they are different. We should not just only be kind to our friends, but to everyone, as Avraham did.

Especially this week, with Election Day, many people have picked fights with others about political beliefs. If faced in political debate, we need to learn from Avraham and act with kindness and show tolerance towards others' opinions.

Shabbat Shalom!

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