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Pesach Dvar Torah

We know that the Torah often refers to Pesach as Chag HaMatzot, but we call it Pesach.

How come we do this and where does this name come from?

When spelling out the word Matzot and Mitzvot in Hebrew, they use exactly the same root letters. Therefore, Chag HaMatzot can be read as Chag HaMitzvot. By leaving Egypt and receiving the Torah, the Jewish people now have the opportunity to earn great rewards by doing the Mitzvot.

On the other hand, the word Pesach translates to “to pass over”. On this holiday, Hashem passed over the houses of the Jewish people. By calling it Pesach, we emphasize the good that Hashem has done for us. Our Rabbis teach us to do Mitzvot and serve Hashem without expecting any reward, yet we should serve him with love and appreciation. By calling it Pesach we lessen the importance of the reward that each Mitzvah brings and focus on the good that Hashem has done and does for us.

By: Miriam Cohen (9th)

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