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Rabbi Kleinman’s Return!

As we all know, there’s been a war in Israel, and as a result, two Rabbis at Hebrew Academy were drafted. This past Tuesday, though, there was a wonderful surprise. Rabbi Kleinman, one of the Rabbis drafted, had made an unexpected, surprise return! It was 10 am and everyone was in their second-period class, and as a few of the 12th-grade boys were heading to their class, they spotted Rabbi Kleinman in his uniform. There was a series of shrieks before everyone ran out of their classrooms to see what the commotion was. Once Rabbi Kleinman was spotted, everyone started dancing around him while singing Am Israel Chai. It was a beautiful heartwarming moment where the school gathered together to rejoice the miraculous return of a beloved teacher, who managed to make it home just in time for his son’s Bar Mitzvah this upcoming Shabbat. Rabbi Kleinman has given the school hope and inspiration that things are getting better in Israel, as he said in his speech when he came back, “I did it for you, Am Yisrael.” He gave tips on how to help Israel by davening with kavanah. Rabbi Kleinman’s service is deeply appreciated. The courage he showed when fighting for his country and nation will forever be a part of the Hebrew Academy. Thank you for your service and dedication to Israel, Rabbi Kleinman. You are an inspiration to the students and everyone is so glad to have you back!

By: Tamar Van Dam (9th) & Adina Shagalov (9th)

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