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RASG Varsity Football Team Emerges Victorious

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This past Monday and Wednesday, the Warriors won their first two games of the season. After suffering a tough loss against Donna Klein Jewish Academy, these two wins gave the team a much needed boost.

The varsity Warriors took a trip up to Lake Worth Christian for their second game of the season on Monday and dominated the defenders by a score of 39-18. Quarterback Avi Stein (12th grade) took control of the game early with the help of wide receivers, Daniel Yerushalmi (12th) and Moshe Goldring (10th). The corner backs stepped up in a big way to stop their throwing, while the linebackers shut down Lake Worth’s running game. Once the Warriors found themselves on a roll, they knew they could not and would not be stopped.

“Looking back now, I’m actually happy we lost that first game because it set a certain standard for coming to practice and putting in hard work,” said RASG Coach Rob Erickson. “They have shown a lot of improvement on the field and have each extremely grown in football knowledge. I have high hopes for this team.”

After their Monday win, the Warriors traveled up to FAU High, the highest ranked team in the league.

“Something was different going into this game,”said Yoni Teitelbaum (10th). “Just being around the team, I felt like I was a part of something so much more-a family. I knew we were going to win.”

With their heads held high, the Warriors went on the field and played with everything they had. It started off with an interception by Yerushalmi on defense,  which led to Mendy Benamou (12th) making acrobatic moves as a running back and Yerushalmi scoring on offense. The game hit halftime and FAU High had not had one point on their side of the scoreboard. Unfortunately, while the Warrior’s offense charged forward, scoring another touchdown,  defense fell behind. FAU scored three touchdowns in three drives but with the help of Yisroel Duchman (12th grade) and Jacob Stein (9th grade), FAU’s attempted comeback was put down. The game ended with the Warriors winning 27-20.

“It was not just me, the team played ridiculously well,” said Yerushalmi. “In all honesty, we did break down a little bit mid-game and we could’ve easily beat these teams by much more. We are miles ahead of any other team in this conference. I wouldn’t want any other players on the field by my side.”

This football team is no joke. Despite their first loss, they have proven that they are capable of doing great things in the game and have extreme potential.

“We put it all out on the field and we came back successful,” said Avi Stein (12th). “I think if everyone works together, we will keep winning and make it to the Championship.”

By: Shmuel Kahn (12th grade)

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