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Schmoozing with Schapiro


In this new segment, the Warrior Word mixes daily life lessons from Mrs. Schapiro with the weekly parsha.

This week’s Parshat B’har opens with the verse “And Hashem spoke to Moshe at Har Sinai” and continues to instruct the Jewish People with the laws of shmitah. These laws teach us that the land must be left fallow on the seventh year after it had been plowed, worked, and harvested for the past six years.

What’s interesting is that this is the first time that the Torah mentions that the laws were taught to the Jewish people at Har Sinai. Why mention the place here in regard to this commandment?

Our Rabbis explain that just like the the Torah gives all the details and specifics in connection to shmitah at Har Sinai, all the other mitzvot were commanded at Har Sinai even though it does not specifically say. This implies and teaches that each mitzvah, with all the details, is important to  fulfilling the commandments properly.

Why are the details of all the mitzvot so important? The answer is simple. Try sending an email and leave out the dot-com!

Shabbat Shalom!

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