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Schmoozing with Schapiro


In this new segment, the Warrior Word mixes daily life lessons from Mrs. Schapiro with the weekly parsha.

People view the world from six dimensions: north/south, east/west, and up/down. This can be compared to the six days of the week where all of a person’s focus is on their job or school work. Shabbat is the day of rest, the day that we can stop and reflect on “being.”

This week’s Parsha Emor speaks about the holidays and significance of Shabbat. Oftentimes we are so busy in our everyday life that we can forget who we are and what our true essence is. Separating from the “doing” gives us the opportunity to be introspective and helps us better channel our actions during the week to reflect on who we really are and who we should be.

Shabbat and the holidays are times built into our lives as Jews to be reminded to stop what we are “doing” and think about “being.” Shabbat Shalom!

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