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School Elects Tehila Moore as Student Council President


Hebrew Academy students elected Tehila Moore as the new president of student council and Caleb Katz as vice president this Friday, after a week of intense campaigning and a stimulating lunchtime debate.

“I’m so excited for next year,” Moore said. “I can’t wait to make this school every student’s home away from home. I’m really happy that I’m doing it with my best friend Caleb as my right hand man.”

Both Moore and opponent Mark Alishayev delivered speeches right before ballots were handed out. In her speech Moore promised to make the school an inclusive, family atmosphere, while drawing on her past experience in student government.

The election for treasurer was a tie between Batya Fruhman and Adira Kahn, sending students back to the ballot for a re-vote, ultimately resulting in a win for Kahn.

Other new student council members include:

Secretary: Raquel Zohar

Public Relations: Yosef Nahon

11th Grade Class Representative: Elisheva Adouth

10th Grade Class Representative: Samantha Ebner

By: Warrior Word Staff

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