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School Hosts Quarantine Friendly Lag Ba'Omer Drive-Through BBQ

By: Alexa Szafranski (11th Grade)

In honor of Lag Ba’Omer, the Hebrew Academy hosted a drive-through barbecue this past Tuesday for students and teachers.

With the threat of the Coronavirus still prevalent, the school was forced to cancel all the usual Lag Ba’Omer activities, including the annual high school kayaking trip. This left many students upset, as this trip is one of the highlights of many’s year. 

“I’m really upset the kayaking trip had to be canceled,” said Ben Reinberg (11th Grade). “I understand we can’t do it because of Corona, but it’s something everyone looked forward to and I’m sad we can’t do it.”

Yet even with no physical activities possible, the school managed to bring a little fun to everyone’s Lag Ba’Omer by giving out barbecue dinners to families as they drove through the school driveway. With music blasting and teachers dancing around the entrance of the school, students could not help but enjoy the makeshift activity. 

“I think it was really nice that the school tried to do something to brighten our spirits during this hard time,” said Bailey Spitz (10th). “Especially with school canceled for the rest of the year, I think it was nice to see some of the teachers and faculty a nice excuse to get out of the house.”

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