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School Sports Update

The first week back from vacation was a busy one for school sports. Both the girls' volleyball and boys' basketball teams competed in games, while the varsity basketball team held tryouts.

Girl's volleyball played four games this week, solidifying a record of 2-2. After hosting three games versus GMA, Cushman, and South Florida Heat, they hit the road to face Posnack.

Boy's flag football also had an active week. Following two days of practices held at the MBJCC, they traveled to Davie to face off against Posnack. After a tough game, they lost by 14. They had one more practice, before taking the weekend off.

Lastly, the varsity basketball team held two tryouts and released the roster on Friday. Starting Sunday, they will begin their preparation for the annual Glouberman Tournament, held in Los Angeles.

The Warrior Word wishes good luck to all the teams as they play through their respective seasons, and we will make sure to keep everyone updated on the results.

By: Owen Ebner (11th)

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