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Seniors Win Color War 2016

After three years of disappointing losses, the senior class finally won the 2016 Hebrew Academy Color War.

“We were able to come together and form an unbreakable team,” said Avi Gottlieb (12th grade). “This year’s Color War was the most organized and fun event ever.”

The seniors spent countless hours working on the field and on their floor decorations.

The decoration head, Elinor Dahan, along with several other helpers, recreated the world of Super Mario Bros. to reflect their team’s theme of the 90’s decade. Seniors covered the entire second floor in the color green, adding life-size Mario mock-ups and music to make the audience feel as if they had entered into the game.

The seniors also scored big on the basketball court, where captain Michael Bixon and point guard Daniel Ben Avner led their team to victory. Topping it off was the emotional senior skit, in which the seniors reenacted some of the most difficult events of the 90s.

“If someone had told me a few years ago that the class of 2016 would win Color War, I never would have believed them,” said Assistant Principal Dr. Lieber. “They really deserved this.”

But the seniors weren’t the only ones who triumphed. According to students and faculty members, this year’s Color War was a raging success. Many students referenced the fun they had at the Apache Relay, a mashup of different contests including balloon shaving, the crab-walk, icing eating and the toilet paper wrap. Others enjoyed the sports.

“My favorite activity throughout the two days of Color War was monster ball,” said Sam Klein (9th grade). “It wasn’t a game of skill or strength or height. It was a game of unity and communication.”

The most popular part of Color War, though, was the solidarity felt by all Hebrew Academy High School students.

“Everyone bonded, “said Elisheva Adouth (9th grade). “We were all able to spend time with each other and that brought us closer together.”

By: Laurene Dana

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