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Sophomores and Seniors Take Israel

By: Elizabeth Ebner (9th)

In the beginning of this week both the sophomore and senior students flew as a class to Israel, being the first school-trip to Israel since before the pandemic. The sophomores left on Monday, followed by the seniors on Tuesday. Throughout each of the grades’ trips they will have a variety of activities, eventually meeting each other for a night out.

The sophomores, who arrived at the Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday morning, are already enjoying their trip and are looking forward to the upcoming activities.

“We had a great flight and got to entertain each other for twelve hours to pass time,” said Sophie Lurie (10th). “So far we went to a museum and went horseback riding which was really fun and included really cool views. I’m excited to continue the trip.”

After visiting the Palmach museum, the tenth grade class went out for lunch, followed by adventurous horseback riding and a trip to the Mount Carmel Fire Memorial, a special site dedicated to the victims of the Mount Carmel Forest Fire of December 2, 2010. The sophomores will continue to explore Israel through activities such as visiting the Kotel, hiking the mountains, and enjoying other attractions such as museums, boat and jeep rides, ATVs, shopping, restaurants.

Along with the sophomores, the seniors are also touring Israel; this leaves only ninth and eleventh grade students in the building. Without the tenth and twelfth grade classes, the high school hallways feel unusually quiet.

“Even though it feels empty without the seniors and sophomores, I’m happy they’re having fun in Israel, ” said Lily Abrahams (9th).

Although the absence of the tenth and twelfth graders causes a feeling of emptiness in school, it does provide an opportunity for the freshmen and juniors to bond.

“It feels weird without the sophomores and seniors, but it’s good for the freshmen and junior friendships to grow, which can happen since we are the only ones in school now,” said Zach Schuster (9th).

The seniors landed in Israel on Wednesday morning, excited to experience their first time in Israel as a class. Unlike the tenth grade students, the seniors’ trip will include many activities focusing on the Holocaust. After they landed, they visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum which was followed with a lunch and a visit to the Kotel. They walked around the old city before returning to their hotel in Jerusalem. The seniors will continue their trip with further Holocaust-based activities and travel around Israel. Similar to the sophomores, the seniors will also go on boat, ATV, and jeep rides, participate in army activities, eat at restaurants, and go shopping. This trip is very important for the seniors specifically, because after returning, they will graduate and officially become alumni.

Both grades will commemorate Yom Hashoah and Yom HaZikaron through special, meaningful activities. Following Yom HaZikaron, the grades will partake in celebratory chagigits for Yom Ha’atzmaut. The sophomore and senior students are also looking forward to their two special Shabbats In Israel.

“I’m really excited for both Shabboses because it’s really good quality time for our grade, and being in Israel will only make that better,” said Noa Sasi, 10th.

The two grades will return in about two weeks, after they have explored and traveled throughout Israel. The freshmen and juniors are looking forward to their return and can’t wait to hopefully experience it themselves next year.

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