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Student Shares Personal Struggles for Mental Health Awareness Assembly

On Thursday, February 23,  Hebrew Academy held an assembly to educate and bring awareness to mental illness. Psychologist Dr. Suzanne Carroll Woodward and student Michal Cohen spoke about issues surrounding mental health in teens.

“I think it took a lot of guts for Michal to be able to get in front of everybody and speak about her experiences with mental health,” said Shmuel Kahn. “I would never be able to do that myself.”

Dr. Woodward asked Michal a series of questions about her experience with therapy. Students learned that the stigma surrounding therapy is dropping, but more needs to be done.  Hebrew Academy School Psychologist, Dr. Susan London, organized the assembly to raise awareness about mental health and to show students the importance of seeking help when necessary. Afterwards, Dr. Woodward and Michal Cohen accepted questions. London and Woodward talked about the importance of teacher’s having an open door policy where students can feel free to talk.

Students said they were inspired by Michal’s story.

“I was really really nervous,” said Michal. “I didn’t know how the school would react, but I wanted to do it because mental illness is a very important topic for me.”

“I felt inspired by our student’s bravery and courage to come forward and share her own personal struggles in hopes of helping her classmates,” said Dr. London.

By: Melanie Arougueti (12th grade) 

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