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Students Stretch Their Business Chops in Competition


Hebrew Academy students participated in the NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) Business Competition this Wednesday at Miami-Dade College to share their concept of a yoga studio in airports. Although they put forth their best effort, the team did not win the competition, but came away with new skills and knowledge.

The competition raises money for NFTE, an organization that mentors students in business in inner city public schools.  

“It’s a good cause and the kids did great,” said business entrepreneurship elective teacher Mr. Berman. “They learned a lot and we will get better at it as we go.”

The team consisted of 11th graders Dylan Del Giglio, Roy Ovaknin, Eli Dahan, Elisheva Adouth, Ezzy Duchman, and Essence Slomianski. They had three weeks to come up with the concept, create a business plan and design a presentation. Eleven other schools presented their own business plans, including Ransom Everglades, Gulliver Prep, Miami Country Day and Pine Crest School, which won the competition.  

The Hebrew Academy team’s business, called FitPort, features a small yoga studio in the airport, which would include showers, lockers and a juice bar in addition to the yoga classes. 

“We put a lot of thought and effort into it, although we did not have a lot of time,” said Eli Dahan. “We had a little over three weeks. It was fun doing it, but stressful at the same time.” 

Assistant Principals Dr. Dara Lieber and Rabbi Aaron Assaraf attended the competition as well.

“They had a very short window of time, and they produced an amazing product,” Assaraf said. 

Next year, the team hopes to improve their presentation by including more visuals and making the website more interactive. 

“I really learned a lot through the whole process of making the business plan and the financial and the artistic aspect,” said Essence Slomianski. “Each part taught me a lot about business and the future. I really enjoyed learning things I wouldn’t learn in the classroom.”

By: Warrior Word Staff

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