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Students’ Super Bowl Celebrations

Our high school students enjoyed last Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII in a variety of ways. While some had parties with friends, others spent it with their families. Some students even just turned their TV on to watch Usher’s halftime show. 

Many students spent the Super Bowl at parties bonding with friends. 

“I blew up the screen, beanbags, and couches in my backyard. I ordered food and invited my whole grade over to watch the game. It was a super great bonding time together. The Super Bowl was amazing. Go Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift!” exclaimed Adina Krinsky (12th). 

“I went to Jacob Hakmon’s house. We watched on his outdoor screen while the boys made a barbecue. Watching the Chiefs beat the 49ers was super fun,” said Ella Levy (11th). 

Other students had a meaningful Super Bowl with family members. 

“This Super Bowl I was able to spend the night with my family that lives in another state. It was very nice and fun. We ate dinner and we watched together, and I got to hang out with them and catch up on everything. It was fun to watch the Super Bowl with them and root for my team with them. Overall, I’m so glad I got to spend it with them,” commented Emily Bensoussan (9th). 

“I spent the Super Bowl with my family and family friends. It was super nice to spend time with everyone while watching such an exciting game. Also, we had a barbecue to enjoy while watching the game. It was great,” said Elly Rosenberg (11th).

While most Warriors watched the Super Bowl at home with family or out with friends, some only tuned in for Usher’s halftime show. 

“I really liked the halftime show because I love Alicia Keys and she came out to sing with Usher which made the show amazing. The show began slower which I didn’t like, but as it went on and Ludacris came out as a guest star, I was very happy and ultimately loved it. I was having a dance party in my living room by myself and it was a really good show,” shared Lily Reinberg (10th). 

“I was in bed and didn’t watch football or know how the game works, so I stayed home and only turned it on to watch the halftime. I thought Usher and Alicia Keys did a great job and I love their music,” said Lian Swissa (10th).

Overall, this year the Hebrew Academy students each experienced different Super Bowl plans, however, they each enjoyed their own unique celebrations.

By: Adina Shaglov (9th), Simona Folk (10th), & Eliana Wolfson (10th)

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