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Teachers Corner: Mrs. Walter

Compiled by: Eliora Gdanski (9th) and Miriam Cohen (9th)

Miriam Cohen: How do you like working in the Hebrew Academy?

Mrs. Walter: Well, I mean it’s a new school (for me). I was at my prior school for over 20 years so there have been some adjustments like you guys have a much longer day. I have to learn some stuff about the religion, your studies because it’s a dual curriculum. So that’s an adjustment, but I like

learning about Judaism.

Eliora Gdanski: How long have you worked here?

MW: This is my se

cond year

MC: Will you be returning next year?

MW: Yes.

MC: Where did you previously work?

MW: I worked at a pr

ivate Catholic school in New Jersey. I moved down here 2 years ago.

MC: What do you like about Hebrew Academy?

MW: I like the students and mostly just being in the classroom. I mean of course there are times where the kids get a little rowdy, but I think if you make your expectations clear and I think they can sense if you like them and respect the class. We find a happy balance with my expectations and theirs to have respect for each other.

EG: What’s your favorite holiday?

MW: Oh boy, I would say probably the 4th of July because it’s summer, outdoors, barbecues, and fun.

EG: Where are you from?

MS: I grew up in a town west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I haven’t been there since childhood, but after that I lived in Massachusetts, and I lived in Switzerland for 2 years, and then like I said I was over 20 years in New Jersey.

EG: How do you like living in Florida?

MW: I’m not sure about Miami. I live more south of Miami, but the Miami vibe is totally different than what I’m used to in the northeast. There’s more of a youth culture and everyone is very materialistic. That’s not me. I’m more of a humble, coservative, ordinary lady.

EG: Do other people in your family work within education?

MS: No, I’m the only one. My brother is retired, but he was a geophysicist. He studied earthqua

kes and is now in California. My sister is a biology major, so she is a nurse. My father was an engineer and my mom was a stay at home mom, so no.

EG: Wh

y did you want to work in education?

MS: It’s a little corny, but when I was in fourth grade I just loved my teacher so much and when she would read books out loud. I just thought language is so exciting and she made me so excited about language. I just thought I want to be involved in teaching like helping kids read and talking about literature. Eventually, it led to older kids because I wanted to concentrate on high school students. Here, I teach the AP Literature and Composition with 12 grade, 11th grade honors, 10th grade regulars, and honors.

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