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The NFL Season Has Begun!

The exciting second week of football season has finally arrived, with the Miami Dolphins facing a phenomenal track record of 2-0. In their first game on September 10th against the Los Angeles Chargers last week, both teams played an intense game with constant back and forth for the lead, which lasted up until the last second when the Dolphins won 36-34. Some notable players were Tyreek Hill, who played extremely well, and Tua Tagovailoa, who had an MVP-caliber performance. Overall, it was a great game with mixed emotions that constantly kept fans on their feet.

Earlier this week, on September 17th, the Dolphins took on the New England Patriots in an action-packed game that had fans sweating. The Dolphins claimed a 17-3 lead early on, but fans became concerned once the Patriots began making their comeback. This led to a back-to-back endgame that could have been won by either side. Both teams also had extraordinary defense which made the endgame all the more intense. In the end, the Dolphins took the game with a final score of 24-17 due to Dolphins running back Raheem Mosert’s winning touchdown at the end of the game. So far, the Dolphins are having a great start to the season and fans are excited to see what else is in store.

By: Jonathan Gad (11th)

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