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“The Odd Couple” Makes its Debut at Hebrew Academy This Sunday


Hebrew Academy Theatre Critic Max Del Giglio (12th grade) sat down to have a conversation with Danny and Daniel.

Max: What made you guys audition together?

Daniel: Because we had so much fun in our last play, “Robin Hood,” we decided to perform again and try to get the top role.

Danny: We also are so comfortable with each other.

Max: So were you guys nervous?

Danny: No it was so chill and funny that we all had a great time.

Max: This is a question for both of you–how is it performing next to your best friend?

Daniel: It is the best feeling ever.

Danny: We are so alike and we get along so well that we are perfect to share the stage.

Max: I think so too. Do you have any advice for future actors?

Danny: Just be yourself. Acting is all about having fun, and if you are able to have fun on stage, you are able to be a spectacular actor.

Daniel: Danny is right. If you are nervous you will always fail but if you are having fun you will succeed.

Max: Thank you guys and good luck on Sunday!

Danny and Daniel: Thank you. I hope everyone can come.

Information about the play:

“The Odd Couple starts at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday  April 3rd at the Hebrew Academy Auditorium


Students: $10

General Admission: $20

VIP (first four rows): $35

By: Max Del Giglio

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