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“The Odd Couple” Makes its Debut at Hebrew Academy This Sunday

This Sunday, April 3rd at 2 p.m., the performance of Neil Simon’s most prestigious play “The Odd Couple” premieres at Hebrew Academy. The hilarious play is about the two cohabitating opposites of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. In the play, Felix Unger, a neurotic writer, is thrown out of his house by his wife with no place to go. Luckily he is invited to stay with his best friend Oscar Madison, a slovenly, messy sportswriter. Even though, both characters are complete opposites of each other, they have a strong bond and are able to fix their life problems together. This play is also unique for Hebrew Academy, as “The Odd Couple” will be the first comedy ever produced and performed by our drama department. It is also the first play where there will be two males as lead roles, Danny Bister (12th grade) and Daniel Ben-Avner (12th grade).

Hebrew Academy Theatre Critic Max Del Giglio (12th grade) sat down to have a conversation with Danny and Daniel.

Max: What made you guys audition together?

Daniel: Because we had so much fun in our last play, “Robin Hood,” we decided to perform again and try to get the top role.

Danny: We also are so comfortable with each other.

Max: So were you guys nervous?

Danny: No it was so chill and funny that we all had a great time.

Max: This is a question for both of you–how is it performing next to your best friend?

Daniel: It is the best feeling ever.

Danny: We are so alike and we get along so well that we are perfect to share the stage.

Max: I think so too. Do you have any advice for future actors?

Danny: Just be yourself. Acting is all about having fun, and if you are able to have fun on stage, you are able to be a spectacular actor.

Daniel: Danny is right. If you are nervous you will always fail but if you are having fun you will succeed.

Max: Thank you guys and good luck on Sunday!

Danny and Daniel: Thank you. I hope everyone can come.

Information about the play:

“The Odd Couple starts at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday  April 3rd at the Hebrew Academy Auditorium


Students: $10

General Admission: $20

VIP (first four rows): $35

By: Max Del Giglio

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