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The Results Are In: Introducing the 2020 Student Council

By: Bailey Spitz (11th Grade)

After a weekend of suspense, the members of this year's student council were announced this Monday by Dr. Jones during morning announcements. 

  • Chana Stiefel as Freshman Representative

  •  Moshe Dov Lachs as Sophomore Representative

  • Shoshana Stein as Secretary 

  • Robert Zohar as Treasurer

  • Emanuel Barkagan as Vice President 

  • Mary Berkowitz as President. 

Along with the student council’s standard roles of meeting and planning events, virtual school poses new challenges within these activities. 

“Student council wants to make sure everyone feels involved and everyone feels comfortable, and to give people an outlet to express their joy and Ruach which we need so badly especially now,” said newly appointed President Mary Berkowitz (12th Grade). “It will definitely be a very exciting year, a new year, so I guess an interesting year as president as well because there are a lot of things we don't know yet. I’m excited to work alongside the other student council members to echo the voices of my grade and the student body.” 

Danelle Levi (12th), who ran for the position of vice president, felt the election this year was unfair due to a breach of rules by who is eligible to run.

“There has been a rule for the past two years that if you have never run for student council you can not run for vice president or president, and there were many people who did not run because they thought this rule was still in place,” said Levi (12th). "So I think this election was a little unfair. Despite this, I hope the student council does great things this year.”

Many students are happy about the election results and cannot wait to see what the new council has in store. 

“I am happy that Barkagan and Robert won. I think they will do pretty well. I am a little surprised Yosef did not win because he was a student council member for two straight years, but congratulations to the rest of the people who did win,” said Herschel Karp (11th). “I hope the council gives the students perspectives on all the things that are happening because a lot of the administrators come at it from their standpoint but not the students’ standpoint.”

Even the freshmen, who are not so familiar with the upperclassmen yet, are satisfied with the results.

“I am happy with the results for the student council because I think they will come together and be a good fit,” said Ariela Jaimovitch (9th). “I only know some of the students personally, but I have a feeling it will be a great year even under these circumstances.”

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